An Efficacious formulation Thoroughly Tested
Helps you to Get Rid of
without suffering from any withdrawal
Eliminates urge for intoxicants

Creates aversion to the addictive substances
Compensates the harms done to body by substance Abuse
Neither any side effect nor Its own Dependency
Solution to addiction problems

Detoxins are newly invented homeopathic medicines not described in traditional homeopathic MateriaMedica (a compendium of actions of homeopathic medicines).

These persons do not suffer from withdrawal, if they suddenly give up intoxicants. They do not have urge for intoxicants. These medicines also correct the body functions and restore the pathological state to normal.These medicines have been widely tested upon animals and also upon voluntary prover addicts. These have wonderful action upon addicts of various types.

These medicines act not only upon body but also upon mind. They also restore psychological abnormalities produced by intoxication. In addition , these medicines produce aversion to intoxicants. These medicines neither have side effects nor cause their own addiction.

These medicines are invented by:
Dr. Faheem Shah Khan
Dr. Mohd. Shoaib Khan
 (D.H.M.S., D.M.)

D E T O X I N and your body:

Cures and minimises all the adverse effects of Addiction.

Here is a brief summary of the adverse effects of some of the intoxicants, cured by Detoxin.
Smoking / Chewing Tobacco
Increase in serum uric acid, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, hypoproteinaemia, lung and respiratory problems, low immunity, poor sexual response and CANCER.

Enlargement and sluggish function of liver,cirrhosis of liver, abnormal thyroid function, hypertrophy of ventricle of brain and cerebral sulci, impaired thematic adaptation test (TAT), impaired intelligence, abnormal cognitive function, depersonalization, poor nerve response/reaction time.
Lost appetite, enlarged liver, hyperglycaemia, high blood urea, hypoproteinaemia, impaired mental ability, abnormal EEG patterns and behavioural disorders.

Abnormal renal function, hypoproteinaemia, serum porphyria, inhibition of gastric secretion, low blood pressure, impaired mental ability, loss of memory and concentration, diminished REM activity, increase in metabolic rate of brain and abnormal EEG patterns.

Enlarged liver, abnormal kidney and liver functions, high thymol turbidity, increased metabolic rate of brain and other abnormal EEG patterns, psychological disorders.