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Heals and lessens every contrary consequence of substance abuse. A gist of consequences caused by some types of intoxicants and healed by Detoxins follow below.


Hepatomegaly and sluggish function of liver and cirrhosis, disturbed thyroid function, hypertrophy
of right ventricle of brain and cerebral sulci, impaired thematic apperception test (TAT), impaired intelligence, distorted cognitive function, depersonalization, poor nerve response/reaction time.


Feelings of energy/wakefulness.Excitement., Increased attentiveness and ,concentration,Feelings of euphoria,Convulsions,Paranoia,Hallucinations,Violent behaviour,Convulsions,Respiratory problems,Loss of coordination, Obsessive behaviour,Cognitive impairment,Severe anxiety,Lack of appetite, Teeth grinding,Increased heart rate,Rapid breathing, Obsessive behavior. Increased rate of respiration. heart complications, kidney failure, damage to brain cells.


Abnormal kidney function, hypoproteinaemia, serum porphyria, inhibition of gastric secretion, low blood pressure, impaired mental ability, loss of memory and concentration, diminished REM activity, increase in metabolic rate of brain and abnormal EEG patterns.


Loss of appetite, enlargement of liver, hyperglycaemia, high blood urea, hypoproteinaemia, impaired mental ability, abnormal EEG patterns and behavioural disorders.


Loss of gray matter, Brain damage, Chronic headaches, Damage can also cause, blood clots, which can lead to a stroke. Occurrence of Seizure disorder, Loss of body weight,Loss of appetite, Chronic cough, Ischemic Heart disease, Death of the nasal linings and sinuses tissues.Pulmonary odema Obliterative bronchiolitis, asthma,  Psychosis.

  • wakefulness, alertness, and reduced fatigue; mood elevation, with improved self-confidence, ability to concentrate and an increase in speech.Reduced
  • fatigue; mood elevation, with improved self-confidence, inability to concentrate in speech ,disorientation, and headache.



Dizziness,Fatigue, Hepatomegaly ,Troubled sleeping,Blurred vision, Low blood pressure ,Confusion,Muscle cramps,increased thymol turbidity,Nausea or vomiting,Decreased reaction time,Decreased attention, behavioural disorders,Drowsiness,Droopy eyelids,Dry mouth,Muscle weakness, Decreased body temperature and low blood pressure,Little to no reaction to light. nausea, constipation, decreased respiratory rate, decreased heart rate, sweating, and mood swings.Low  blood pressure, potential comatose state


Hepatomegaly , abnormal kidney and liver functions, increase in thymol turbidity, high metabolic rate of brain and other abnormal EEG patterns, behavioural disorders.


High serum uric acid, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, hypoproteinaemia, lung and respiratory Disorders, decreased immunity, low sexual behaviour and CANCER.

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