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About the Remedies

These are newly invented Homoeopathic medicines not included in homoeopathic materia medica (A book consisting the action of medicines).
These medicines are invented by:
Dr. Faheem Shah Khan
Dr. Mohd. Shoaib Khan
            (D.H.M.S., D.M.)

These medicines have been subjected to animal trials and also tested upon voluntary prover addicts. These have miraculous action upon addicts of various types.
Addicts do not undergo any withdrawal syndrome if they suddenly discontinue the consumption of intoxicants. Their urge for intoxicants also vanishes. These medicines also normalise the body functions and restore the pathological state to normal.
Apart from the body these medicines also act upon the mind of addicts and restore the behavioural disorders produced due to the consumption of substance abuse, more over these medicines produce repugnance to intoxicants.

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