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The Detoxin is Extra-Materia Medica(a compendium of actions of Homeopathic medicines) Homeopathic Medicine recently invented by:

Dr. Faheem Shah Khan

better known as

Dr. Mohd. Shoaib Khan

(D.H.M.S., D.M.)

Addicts volunteering as provers have successfully passed comprehensive tests of Detoxin, after extensive testing of these medicines on animals. Research data show that these medicines render astonishing action on a wide range of substance abuse. Victims of substance abuse are rarely seen suffering from withdrawal syndrome even after quitting substance abuse all of a sudden.They are also not found craving for intoxicants.Since,This The Detoxin does not simply cure the addicts bodily but also restore psychological disorders caused by substance abuse. Further, this wonderful remedy produces aversion to the intoxicants. This medicine neither has side effects nor cause its own addiction.
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