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Transmission of Medicinal Power

Drug Energy Transmission



Several scientific theories have contributed in evolution of drug Transmission, practiced for transmission of Detoxin for toxicity evaluation. First, Andre Boris demonstrated ” Magnetic Influences on Human Bodies” The theory was improved by Dr. Abraham (San Francisco) who studied ” Electromagnetic Action on Human Bodies”. Final steps of drug transmission came from the theories of “Medical Radisthesia”, “Cosmic Ray Therapy” and dynamic action of Homoeopathic drugs.

Magnetic Effects:

Our earth comprises a gigantic magnet in its core through which positive magnetic currents run from north pole to south pole and negative magnetic currents run from east to west. These all types of bodies in contact with the earth, and all living organisms receive magnetic energy emitted by earth. In human bodies, these telluric currents, both positive and negative, enter through one leg and go out from the opposite hand. Moreover, human body is also like a small magnet. The upper half of the body represents the North Pole and the lower half of the body and feet represent the South Pole.
Electrical characteristics:

Human body’s Haemoglobin is known to attract magnetic forces, as it is composed of Iron. In turn haemoglobin provides electrical body cells. If intake of this energy decreases the person feels sickness. Total loss of this energy eventually brings death. In contrast if energy level of this energy is optimum in the body the person experiences good health and happy life.

Dr. W. E. Boyd has theorized that human body responds to electromagnetic radiations too. Since body Skin carries varying electrical potentials; it produces an electrical field around the body which extends in every direction. So this continuous emission and radiation has been observed in infra-red region, and it is possible to filter it with the help of crystals and delicate thermo-junctions. Since every cell of the body carries Potassium, natural radiations from human body can be detected easily, as all samples of Potassium possess some trace of radioactive isotope K40

Electromagnetic Radiations:

Each human body is comprised of Countless cells. Naturally, countless atoms reside in each cell. Each of these cells is electrically charged. A huge network of nerve fibers that receives and transmits electrical impulses is responsible for keeping total equilibrium of these cells intact. To match sensory inputs with human motor activity, human brain functions as the headquarters of this huge network that generates electromagnetic radiations and emissions. Sensory inputs are matched with human motor activity. This huge network produces electromagnetic radiations and emissions. Since human body itself and is a store house of energy, it simultaneously emits and transmit energy in the form of electrmagnetisc waves As described by Bell laboratories (New York),

Bell the rate of radiation of energy from human body is 80Mhz (million cycles/second). Radiation of electromagnetic waves from the brain can be verified using Electric encephalography. “Wireless Waves” discovered by Dr. Albert Abraham (San Fransisco) are simply a manifestation of these waves.

Since all human bodies are electromagnetically positive at head right hand foot and negative at spinal base, left hand and foot, directed wireless radiations of the body have been used therapeutically by interlinking electrical polar opposites through some conductor.

Cosmic Radiations:

Different types of natural and man-made currents conduct through our envirnment before getting grounded into earth through some conductor. As we know almost every living organism is a good conductor of electric current, so, it also works with atmospheric currents for grounding them into earth like conducting media. Radisthesia technology has substantiated the claim that many type of radiations exist beyond normal electromagnetic spectrum known as cosmic spectrum, known as Cosmic Spectrum.

Cosmic currents coming from far beyond our earth penetrate through head and pass out through the opposite hand, foot and open eyes. French Engineer Andre Simonton claims that using his reflexes one can arrest radioactive waves in open space. The reason is that cosmic energy and other invisible powers manifested by it move into the body through Medulla Oblongata.

All such cosmic energies traverse their predetermined pathway or “circuits” of human body. Any such circuit taht links a positive terminal to a negative terminal benefits our health, while a reverse connection harms it. All those arrangements that connect polar opposites or dissimilar bodies through some electrical conductor are called “Relaxation Circuit” while a “Tension Circuit” is one that has opposite connections. Voluntary muscles get automatically promoted by Relaxation Circuit, which also stimulates functional activity. In general, a Relaxation Circuit sooths sleep, recovers from fatigue and disease, and enhances our capacity to work. But a Tension circuit unleashes opposite effects. these circuits influence our physical, nervous and mental states of health.
Drug Energy:

Attenuation effect divide and subdivide raw homoeopathic medicine into particles electrically charged called Ions. which is nothing but imparting energy to the medicine in ionized form. These ionizedparticles of the drug create an electrical field in drug and around phial.

while at Lower attenuations, of Homoeopathic medicnes have been shown carrying certain electrophysical features.An example Arsenic which responds to ultraviolet radiations by fluorescence when attenuated to 1x 10-7 ; similarly tincture of gold modifies a beam of ultra -violet light in attenuation of 1×10-7. in the same way, China and Nux Vomica are seen producing physical action in ultra violet light. Radium bromide cause very minute radiations through air.
with the help of Emanometer by Dr Boyd,it has been demonstrated homoeopathic medicine, that have been potentised at higher degrees carry a delicate form of energy that evoke reactions in human organs. This shows that Potentised Homoeopathic medicines possess its own biophysical energy of certain kind activates nerve centers inthe brain in order to promote curative reactions

Vital Force:

The vital force in the body is the electrical equilibrium of all radiations from the body cells , and the change in their potential.Any abnormality in this equilibrium gives chance to disease.Using Cathode Ray Oscilloscope Dr.Boyd demonstrated the relationship between body and mind. This relationship shows that ecology of consciousness is maiatained by which vital role?played by electromagnetic phenomena .

“Prof. S. Bur of Yale University and Leonard J Ritz, leading scientists of electromagnetic theory of life, ;claim that as per dictatts of human consciousness,electromagnetic fields or the Field, guide the repairing and growth of living protoplasm. Bur also claimes that our identity is sustained by the life field. being a conscious substance, The vital force acts as a prime mover of the living machine working from within us. with the help of this life principle,evolution of all organisms is maintained and its withering gives way to annihilation.

As a vital principle, It is present in the whole of the material world and overpowers and controls it, Though it neither upsets nor substitutes it. instead, itbecomes adaptive to its surroundings in order to allow the human body to maintain its working charecter under all conditions. thus the human body is regularly constructed by it. When ever it is removed from any body part or entire organism, various forces inherent in the body unleash destructive action. Indeed when it goes out control totally body starts decaying or even death may occur.

Besides pervading and illuminating entire human body, it also releases variations in the form of out radiations in the form ” aura”, also called halo or Coronal Discharge or even Bioplasma Since all human bodies, function as a variable capacitor, they also serve the purpose of detection, selection and amplification of ultra-violet short waves emited by it.

Drug Action:

The computing network modulates the electromagnetic radiations emitting from the body of any person coming in contact with the electromagnetic field of the system,and inturn,these modulations become available to the physician on the other terminal of the network.

In the same way, , when potentised Homoeopathic medicines are brought within the electromagnetic field of the network, along with the waves modulated at person’s end, interaction between the two fields occurs. This interaction affects the person or persons on their end since their vital principle/s perform/s their function as a conscious principle. As long as these persons interact consciously, they keep interacting with drug’s electromagnetic field through the network.

This interaction affects the person or persons on the other end as their vital principle/s act/s as a conscious principle. As long as these persons interact consciously through the network, they keep interacting with the electromagnetic field of the drug.

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