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Online Enumeration of Toxicity

To start Treatment of addictit is necessary to know the toxicity level. of the the addict in question.. As an addict  chats with us online. Homoeopathic drug energy is transmitted via computing network. as and when you want to start the treatment. The doctor sets up the procedure of toxicity assessment using any of the three following procedures.

By Smoking– In this procedure, the person is made to smoke and the medicine is transmitted. As a result the taste of cigarette or tobacco starts diminishing gradually. The potency of the Detoxin is incresed, Ultimately he gets no taste/flavour of tobacco/cigarette. howsoever. The potency of Detoxin causing taste/flavour of tobacco/cigarette is given orally.

By Olfaction– In this case, the person is asked to smell Alcohol and Detoxin is transmitted. As a result,smell  of Alcohol gets diminished. Potency of Detoxin is changed. At one stage, the smell vanishes completely. This potency of Detoxin causing smell of Alcohol null is given orally.

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