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Online Toxicity Evaluation

Process of de-addiction begins with evaluation of toxicity of addicts . As you chat online with the doctor . Homoeopathic drug energy is transmitted via computing network as and when you want to start the treatment. The doctor adopts three following procedures of evaluation of toxicity.
1. By Smoking- In this procedure, the person is made to smoke and the drug energy is transmitted. As a result, the addict feels milder taste of tobacco gradually. As the potency of the Detoxin is increased, the addict feels less taste gradually, Ultimately he gets no taste of tobacco howsoever. The potency of Detoxin causing taste/flavour of tobacco null completely is given orally.
2. By smelling- In this case, the person is made to smell Tobacco/ Alcohol and Detoxins are transmitted. As a result transmission the smell of Tobacco/Alcohol gets diminished. Potency of Detoxin is inreased and smell of Tobacco/Alcohol goes on decreasing. At one stage, the smell eliminates completely. This potency of Detoxins causing smell of Tobacco/Alcohol to be completely zero is given orally.
3. After onset of withdrawal Syndrome- Addicts are made to sit in front of computer and transmission is carried out. By virtue of transmission, addicts feel relief in the intensity of their withdrawal syndrome. Potency of Detoxin is changed until they get complete relief from their withdrawal symptoms. This potency of Detoxin giving complete relief is given orally.